Friday, November 22, 2013

Burying the lead...

In my last post, I mentioned a finished queen sized quilt...Why, you might ask are there no pictures? Well, I was in such a rush to finish (must be on the bed before Hannukah! Why is Hannukah so early? Curse you, crazy lunar calendar!) I didn't take pictures before sending it off to my longarmer at Quilts Everlasting.  My mom found Debbie the longarmer when she was taking apart some of my Memere's (that's French Canadian for Grandma) tied quilts and turning them into quilted...quilts. She does great all-over panto work, and is very fast - I am very impatient, so we're a great fit! I'll grab some photos of them when I get home for Thanksgiving.

This quilt is from Quilty Magazine and is called Chevron and On. It's so cute when it's put together, the white background and the scrappy chevrons alternate to make an all-over houndstooth-y chevron-y melange.  However I learned some very hard lessons about half-square triangles! Measure, measure, measure!!! Trust me on this one...why do you think I had so many scraps! I did 10 rows of 10 blocks, a bit bigger than the pattern suggested (the squares were addictive!), and I had one guy left over - I'll probably sew him (looks like a him, yes? I'll call him George) to a pillowcase for summertime quilt storage.
One lonely block, waiting for his 100 siblings

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