Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Finish- it-up Friday Panicked Preview and Welcome to Luci!

Hannukah! Thanksgiving! New Babies! New babies, you say? Well, in addition to our action packed week getting ready to celebrate the once-in-a-lifetime event that is Thanksgivukkah, (Turkey and latkes and pie, oh my!) We've also had the joy of welcoming the smallest member of our extended family a few weeks early.  She is rosy and healthy, and at 8 lbs, I'm sure her mom was thankful she chose to enter the world before her family-record breaking dad's birth weight of 11 lbs!

I'm now going to have to step up production on her baby quilt, since Miss Luci was scheduled to grace us with her presence right after Christmas! (Modern family - we celebrate EVERYTHING! Long story for another post, heck, maybe another blog!) Friday there will be pictures, and hopefully a finished quilt, ready to be wrapped around a casserole for the family! If my cousins are ready to share Luci with the world, I share her with you, as well!

I wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving and/or Hanukkah! 

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