Monday, December 2, 2013

A Monkey's Natural Habitat...

 Allow me to introduce a special member of our extended family: Marble the Monkey.  Marble is not pictured here, because he lives at our son's preschool and each weekend he goes on vacation with a different Monkey Pre-K Class friend.  We had the pleasure of hosting Marble the Monkey a few weeks ago.  He was a very well-behaved guest, and we had many adventures (only one of which involved banana cream pie).  My 4 year old decided that Marble must get something very special for Hanukkah, and since Marble does travel quite extensively, we settled on a sleeping bag for Marble:

Since Marble is such a well-traveled monkey, we decided that the sleeping bag for him would have to be very portable, and the elastic bands do nicely to hold the bag and attached pillow together:

Of course, the bag needed to be tested for quality control by Marble's friend George:

It also converts to a backpack! George might end up asking for one for himself....

I used It's Always Autumn's post on U Create to make this project- her instructions are very clear, and I was able to complete the project in about an hour!

As for quilting news, I got a crazy cold over the weekend, and I learned the hard way that marathon piecing sessions while on cold medicine can be a recipe for disaster!  Baby Luci was just cleared to come home, so there will be a mad dash to the quilt finish line quite soon!

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