Tuesday, January 21, 2014

And NOW I know why designer bags are so darn expensive!

 So, I thought I'd take a little break from quilting to whip up a few 'simple' tote bags, just to keep things interesting...never did I think it would take me three whole days to make these guys! I made the Piece O'Cake tote from Patchwork, Please!

 Perhaps I underestimated the time it would take to make these projects, but as a result I have developed much respect for the people who assemble these bags for a living.   As for this project, there's this great drawstring top, and inner lining that protects everything.

There's a running shoe peeking out of the drawstring top!

I've taken this bag to the gym, since I had to do my run indoors today - it's 11 degrees F!  I took it to the Boston Auto Show. Our Civic is elderly, and needs a replacement soon!  It stowed not just my winter coat, but my two sons AND my husband's. It saved us 9 dollars at the coat check. Checking one bag is cheaper than 4 coats! Sneaky! It has a box pleat on each side (I think that may be the term), and it is deceptively roomy.

I also took it to a synagogue committee meeting where it just sat there and looked pretty. I took it to work today - I teach at an after school, and it held all my teaching stuff, and my winter boots, as 6-11 inches of snow are predicted for this afternoon into tonight! No school tomorrow means more sewing time for me!

I made two at once, one for me, and one for my mother in law who LOVES hippos! Actually, she's a fan of the Sandra Boyton classic book: Hippos Go Beserk!

Here it is on the inside - very cute fabric, but I think the linen calms down the quirkyness of it all, but not TOO much.  Just enough to make it respectable for a trip to the farmer's market or the library!

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  1. What a great bag, I love the drawstring closure!! You've used such fun fabrics!! I'm always impressed by people who make bags, they look like they've got heaps of work in them and this is no exception.


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