Friday, January 24, 2014

I'm dreaming of spring...

 It's pretty cold here in New England, and we've come to that point in the mid-winter where our thoughts turn to flowers, birds and little shoots of baby plants peeking through the snow.  Seed companies know this, and we've been getting loads of catalogs.  By the end of the winter, I'll have planned a small organic farm which may or may not fit in our 4x8 plot in our postage-stamp backyard!  For now, my fantasy farm will live on my design wall.  These blocks are part of the Penny Sampler E-Book from Rachel Hauser of Stitched in Color.  Her classes are so clear, incredibly thorough and fun, I totally can recommend them! She's starting a Color Intensive Class soon, and it looks like another winner!

Anyone fancy a hike in the woods - without snowshoes or cross country skis?

 Here are some closeups of the blocks - I used freezer paper applique for everything except the flowers - those were sew-and-turn. I may pick the flowers out and do them again, since the circles are not perfect.  They are charming in their imperfection, but I can't decide if they are distracting or not.

Blue Flower
Pink Flower
 For the birds, I got to break out my embroidery hoop and hand-embellish the feathers on the tail and the eyes. 

Dilly Bird
Little Bird



  1. I love seeing the penny sampler blocks people make! Yours are so cute!

  2. These are such cute blocks. I like that the circles are imperfect , I think it adds character .

  3. They look great, I just love the dillie bird.

  4. Looking very cool! I think they are ALL my favourites!

  5. These are lovely!
    I think I love the birds the most.

  6. These are all very nice works of art!

  7. I really love these, especially the vines. I've only just started to do applique and am working by hand but you've inspired me to have a go on my machine


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