Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Roundup: Audio to Sew by

I always like to have something playing in my sewing room while I sew, depending on the project it may be just some background music, or if I'm doing something that doesn't require too much concentration, I may listen to a podcast, or audio book.  Here are some of my favorites:

Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!: NPR's news quiz show.  Very funny and any place where you can find PJ O'Rourke, Mo Rocca and Paula Poundstone joking around about the news, is a place I like to be! Also, the host, Peter Sagal is a quick wit, and also a seasoned runner (running is another hobby of mine).  If you read Runner's World, he writes a not-to-miss column!

Craft Lit: An audio book with benefits!  Heather Ordover holds your hands through the classics. She was a high school English teacher, and really knows her stuff.  She starts her podcast with a bit of crafty talk (usually knitting, zentangling, and other fun stuff) and then moves on to introducing the chapter.  She has amazing readers perform the books (I'm currently on Age of Innocence as read by Brenda Dayne, and it's really engaging).

Audible: This is a place for audiobooks. Anything read by Brenda Dayne, David Hyde Pierce or Ehren Ziegler is worth a listen as they are very talented voice performers.  

Audio books from your local library: Most libraries will have audio books you can check out on mp3 players or CD's.  I am lucky to be part of the Minuteman Library Network, so I can request books/DVDs/CDs and they will deliver them to my local branch libraryThe Phantom Tollbooth read by David Hyde Pierce (Niles Crane from Frasier) is a family favorite! (I could do a whole post on children's audio books and graphic novels, but that's for another time!)

Pandora: When you don't want to think about your music too much. It's an internet radio that lets you add in your favorite musician, and they'll play music like that artist.  You can tweak it by giving certain songs thumbs up or down. 

What do you listen to while you sew?

Please note that I'm not affiliated with any of these companies (although I did meet Heather Ordover of Craft Lit at the Maryland Wool and Sheep Festival a few years back, and she was truly lovely!) In the interest of transparency, the only affiliate link is the amazon link to the Phantom Tollbooth CD.


  1. I like listening to things as I sew too. Usually it's the radio, a station with lots of interviews. I always look forward to Pat Sloans pod cast each week. Sometimes I get a few audio books from the library. It's great to feel like I'm finished a novel as well as lots of sewing.

  2. I love Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me! And Car Talk and This American Life! I rarely listen to music or watch tv when I sew though. I know it's odd, but I love the quiet!


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